Architectural Collaborator: Pretty Smart
Broadcast Consultant: Mizzen Media
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Consultant: Fiskaa Engineering
General Contractor: Bayshore Building Interiors
Photographer: Josh Cho Photography

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TYT Network

Even young radicals need great space and infrastructure to produce great programming

TYT Network is a progressive news network that is known for its online programming that covers politics, lifestyle, pop culture, science, and sports, and is the longest-running online news and politics show in the world. In 2017, TYT was looking into expanding their media network and needed to expand their staff, office space, studios and infrastructure to deliver 24/7 programming throughout the year.

NCA Studio was brought onboard as Architect and Project Manager to work with media, development and operation teams to guide them through the design and renovation of the server room, green room, open office spaces and selected studios, along with electrical upgrades, all new technology infrastructure and transition plan.

As with most growing companies, the number of staff was constantly changing and needs evolving. In order to address this fluid state, NCA Studio worked with the client groups to determine essential upgrades with a series of layout studies to show a range of seating arrangements with varying densities. This allowed the management to assess how the continued growth would impact the seating and collaborative areas, and understand how far they could grow within their current space. Creative planning, scheduling, team collaboration and a smooth transition plan allowed this work to happen without any disruption to their programming.

The improvements helped TYT is reaching their goals of launching their 24/7 YouTube channel in 2018. The expanded server capability helped developing of linear online channels that boosted the viewership to 200 million across platforms.