Photographer: Dane Deaner

DRP: Kitchen and MEP Consultants

Danny Boy’s
Famous Original Pizza

A restaurant from Chef Daniel Holzman located in Downtown Los Angeles’s Halo Center, Danny Boy’s Famous Original celebrates the spirit of a classic NY pizzeria and brings that same neighborhood charm to Southern California. Architect, NCA Studio, embraced the bright green, red and white of a traditional Italian restaurant and honed that aesthetic to meet the modern setting of the Halo center.  From the custom tile mosaics to the steel windows and green lacquer counter panels, each piece was designed to create a warm and welcoming space for all food lovers.

NCA Studio worked closely with Chef Daniel Holzman to create a layout that is highly efficient and invites people to enjoy the art of pizza making.  By showcasing the dough making process through full height steel windows, people are able to get close to the action and enjoy seeing the fresh ingredients, dough making, and handcrafted pizzas being baked to perfection.

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